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By Froncie Hoffhine Quinn

Lecture and Workshop Descriptions

A mini-store of Hoopla products will be made available, if desired.

"Florrie: The story of Florence Peto"

Sneak a glimpse into the life of quilt historian, Florence Peto. Fully endorsed and encouraged by the Peto family, Froncie’s lecture journeys into the life of this prolific needle worker through the use of family photos and memorabilia. A captivating story about an engaging quilter and historian, which includes fun little snippets about Florrie, along with pictures of her distinctive quilts, antique fabrics and needlework.


Chuckle at some of Florence’s quotes which Froncie has dubbed as “Florrie-isms! Learn the story behind this Quilter’s Hall of Fame inductee and why she was so instrumental in the resurgence of quilting in the mid 1900’s. Enjoy Froncie’s fun presentation as she transforms herself from “Froncie” to “Florrie”!  Lecture time - 1 hour

"In the Time of Toile"

Every quilt has a story and so does every museum! Join Froncie on a visit to the Shelburne Museum and discover founder, Electra Havemeyer Webb's vision, dream and ultimate reality that resulted in this magnificent treasure. Travel on a special "tour" of the Shelburne's toile and chintz collection of quilts and peer into the profusion of colors, patterns, styles, and history so evident during the early 19th century.


Imagine rich reds, Prussan blues, gorgeous greens, finely detailed toiles and wood blocked chintzes in their original 19th century vibrancy!  A Fabric Fashion Show will circulate through the audience to give everyone an opportunity to see and touch authentic reproductions of textiles from this time period.


If time permits, a short trunk show of reproduction quilts will round out the lecture. Lecture time - 1 - 1/4 hrs

" Eighteen Minutes of Fame"

A lively and fun talk relating Froncie's experiences of being a guest on HGTV's " Simply Quilts" with Alex Anderson. The lecture runs the gamut from receiving the initial phone call to the final moments of hearing, " That's a take!" Several funny moments and unusual details will be related. Fascinating particulars of the" behind-the-scenes" are shown in a short slide show. Rounding out the evening is a trunk show of museum reproduction quilts. A min-store of patterns and other HOOPLA products are available, if desired. Lecture time - 1 hr


" Let's Talk Turkey"

A lecture following the history of fabric styles and colors through the 19th century. Based around many things red, travel the fascinating journey of the production of fabric dyes of the 19th century with an emphasis on Turkey Red, specifically.  A collection of antique red quilts will be shown with audience comments and participation encouraged. Lecture time - 1 hr

" Oft Think of Me" 

Journey through the 19th and into the 20th century hearing the stories behind Froncie's collection of museum reproduction quilts. Experience the thrill she feels when viewing the actual antique quilts and let her be your eyes to creations you may never have the opportunity to see in person. Discover which quilt was made by a 14-year-old girl or created from women's old gowns glimpse into the life of a young woman who constructed a magnificent Mariner's Compass and learn the story behind Florence Peto's now very famous, Calico Garden Quilt.


Several audience members will be invited to be " helpers" to walk the reproduction quilts through the group in order to view them more closely. Audience participation is encouraged through a question and answer period. Lecture time - 1 hr




Lecture Fee Schedule


Lecture fee - $450


plus expenses