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Heirloom Series

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Nestled in Shelburne, Vermont, the Shelburne Museum offers many hours of pleasure. One can walk the grounds of historic buildings or ride a jitney from place to place. Housed on forty-five picturesque acres overlooking the beautiful mountains, it offers not only its famous collection of antique quilts, but everything from a miniature carved circus to stagecoaches, to tradesmen's signs, to an original lighthouse. It is an incredible experience and a fascinating place.
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Bias Pomegranate Quilt pattern


Calico Garden Quilt pattern


Clarissa White Alford Quilt pattern


Elizabeth Green Quilt pattern


Peony Quilt pattern

$19.95 $22.95

Pieced Silk Tie Quilt pattern


Pincushion Quilt pattern


Sarah Johnson Quilt pattern


Sunflower Quilt pattern


The Mary Benedict Baker Quilt pattern


The Scenes of Childhood Quilt pattern