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Major Ringgold Series

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This stunning quilt from The Shelburne Museum has graced the pages of books and postcards for years. Finally a reproduction can be created! Consisting of 20 different appliqué blocks and an incredible "pyramid" border, it is considered one of the most beautiful of album quilts.

Choose from different OPTIONS of this "Block by Block" pattern to make as many as you want from this gorgeous mid-19th century quilt - or make it in its entirety! Order each block as it is issued, sign up for "autoship" to receive them regularly, or purchase the entire pattern in advance to receive a 10% discount and free shipping for 13 of the blocks and the border packet!

This quilt pattern is being lovingly created one block at a time. To keep the "Block by Block" lively as you anticipate seeing the next patterns issued, they may not be in order. In fact, we have chosen our favorite - Block 8 - as the first in the series!

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Major Ringgold - Block 1 pattern


Major Ringgold - Block 12 pattern


Major Ringgold - Block 17 pattern


Major Ringgold - Block 4 pattern


Major Ringgold - Block 5 pattern


Major Ringgold - Block 8 pattern


Major Ringgold Quilt pattern