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Major Ringgold Quilt pattern

Hoopla is once again collaborating with The Shelburne Museum, to bring you another pattern from a gorgeous antique quilt. Said to have been made circa 1847-50, it commemorates the Major, as it has a signature block with his name on it. No information is known about the creator at this point, but our research is ongoing. The quilt is created with 20 different blocks and a stunning "pyramid" border and finishes at approximately 110" x 94".

Each block is lovingly recreated in the usual style of Hoopla patterns. Reminiscent of the era of the original quilt, the pattern instructions are printed on parchment paper with details included that only one who is personally viewing the quilt would see. You will receive close-up pictures, construction directions, FULL size pattern sheets, pertinent stencils, heat resistant mylar sheets, acid-free sleeves to aid in organizing a binder, along with full size cover sheets of each block that can double as "tabs" in the binder. The story of Major Ringgold will unfold with each block issued. It will prove to be an interesting journey for us all!

This will be issued "Block by Block" as they are created, but will be done in a timely manner. By purchasing the entire pattern in advance, you are receiving a 10% discount on the purchase price and blocks will be automatically shipped as they are issued. Total price charged INCLUDES shipping for 7 of the blocks - the rest are on me as a thank you! International customers will be contacted as to how to make it as cost effective as possible. Additionally, as a (Rin-) gGold member, you will receive with the last packet an exclusively designed stencil to create a beautiful "Ringgold Label" for your heirloom quilt!

Rather choose just SOME of the blocks? Find them under the NEW link on the homepage!

I hope you join me on this journey!