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Major Ringgold - Block 2 pattern

Block 2 from the gorgeous Major Ringgold Quilt (circa 1847-1850) owned by the Shelburne Museum, is one of the least complicated blocks, but that certainly doesn't affect its visual impact! There is more than meets the eye, as this is the ONLY signed block on the entire quilt! Why? Who is M Orem? Was this block purposely placed next to the monument block dedicated to Major Ringgold? What could be the significance of the spiral created with the vine? What flower could be depicted in the block and ITS potential significance?

Read the fascinating research and draw your own conclusions to the questions! As with each block in the series, further close observation reveals potential and perhaps surreptitious elements. In addition, learn about the history of the interpretation of the flower, see close-ups of the fabrics and some history of spirals. Interesting color pictures throughout the pattern enhance this history. 

Also included is the FULL-size pattern sheet to make this 17"x 16 1/2" block, a mylar sheet for making templates easily, close-up pictures, construction instructions, historic information and fabric discussion! Beautiful on its own or collect the other blocks in the Block by Block series. If you'd like to be on an auto-ship program to have each block sent to you automatically, check the box above the cart button and notify me in the NOTES section of the ordering page. To be on auto-ship, call with your credit card number; you'll be charged for the last block, also, and will receive it at the end with no payment needed! Each block will be capped at $16 regardless of the retail price on the website!! There is also an opportunity to purchase the entire pattern in advance at a significant discount. 

An acid-free plastic sleeve is included to hold the pattern sheet and templates and the full color page of the block also serves as a tab page in a binder. These will keep you organized - especially if you collect more!