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Workshops derived from the historic patterns of Hoopla

Taught by Froncie Hoffhine Quinn

Workshop and Lecture Descriptions

Miniatures had been my forté over the years, until I became involved with the museum quilts. Now I have two obsessions! My classes, therefore, encompass both! A pattern is part of each person's supplies and either worked into the price of my fee or added as a materials fee for each student. I teach traditional hand piecing and appliqué methods.

Class Structure

Choose from any of the designs on the website. The Calico Garden is the most requested along with Clarissa Moore and the Elizabeth Green Signature Quilt, which are also popular. Either the appliqué or the stenciling make for a fun day. A brief history of the quilt is given and basic hand piecing and appliqué (when applicable) skills are taught. Each student will receive individual help on fabric selection. Signature blocks are discussed and class time is given for making a quilt label that is specifically designed for the project chosen. I'm happy to individualize a class for your group's needs. Please call and we'll discuss it! Patterns for the workshop chosen need to be purchased (discounts are given). Special classes for a special project! Choose 1 or 2 days

"Sarah's Medallion"

Sarah, a 14 year old young lady in 1827, pieced and appliqued a beautiful bed quilt and had the foresight to sign and date it. What a treasure! In the center of Sarah Johnson's lovely scrap quilt is a charming mini-quilt, a sparkling little medallion quilt, that stands alone as a wallhanging. This is a fun project that provides room for both structure and creativity. The first part of the class will be spent learning to piece the 4-inch Variable Star by hand. Templates will be provided, so piecing can begin immediately. The second part of the class will be spent on hand appliqué. It takes no previous experience. A third portion of the class will be spent talking about signature blocks and discussing a quilt label for the back of the quilt. This is an opportunity to create a reproduction quilt on a smaller scale. A real charmer! Choose 1 or 2 days.

"Florrie's Fancy"

This charming quilt, well known as the Calico Garden, was originally made by quilt historian and quilter, Florence Peto. Known by her family as " Florrie" she clearly incorporated her love of flower gardens into her adorable and whimsical baby quilt. Help your quilt sparkle, too, by learning some of Florrie's little secrets. This is a hand-piecing and hand applique class, with various methods of applique demonstrated. An emphasis on learning broderie perse for the borders, enables the quilter to truly duplicate this little beauty. A piece of history remade! Choose 1 or 2 days

"Florrie's Posies"


Create a charming appliquéd 3-inch flower basket framed in nine patch blocks! This little Posey Quilt is based on the historic Calico Garden Quilt, originally made by historian Florence Peto, and on the "mother" version of the quilt she made a few years later! A choice of Posey Packets® will be given for the center flower. This is a hand-piecing and appliqué workshop with emphasis on 19th century techniques and fabrics. A variety of additional finishing methods will also be discussed. A little piece of the past created in the present! Choose 1/2, 1 or 2 days

                   "Bountiful Basket"

Create a charming broderie perse basket of flowers surrounded by your choice of pieced borders. This central medallion quilt, so typical of the early 19th century, is a perfect way to quickly create a bountiful basket AND individualize the wallhanging with simple pieced borders. A colorful and unique wallhanging will be the result, with the completion of it to be finished at home. 

Your central medallion basket can be as traditional or modern as you want, as the broderie perse technique can transcend all styles. Basic handpiecing skills will be reviewed to accommodate the beginner through advanced quilter. Do not be intimidated by the complicated look of the quilt as the broderie perse, however, as it can be easily accomplished by fusing the design! Choose 1/2, 1 or 2 days

"Remember Me"

Not only does the Elizabeth Green Quilt provide an opportunity to showcase your most beautiful and special fabrics, but it also affords the quilter a chance to learn stenciling and fabric writing. Originally a signature quilt and made from women's old gowns, in addition to other clothing, this 1852 beauty is a wonderful scrap project. Although easy enough for a beginner, any level quilter can enjoy the class. Lots of trading of fabric among the students adds to the fun, along with the sharing of poignant phrases to write in the blocks. A wonderful Guild project! Choose 1 or 2 days

"Stenciled Stars"

Young Clarissa Moore, quite obviously proud of her Eight Point Star Quilt, stenciled charming motifs of flowers, pinwheels, and birds, and nestled them among the Stars. Striking in and of its own, the stenciling just adds to make it a unique conversation piece. The class includes stenciling instruction (which is immediately gratifying!) along with the piecing of the Eight Point Star. All the 1837 stencils are included in the pattern. Replicate a very unusual quilt in this casually structured class. A distinctive project, indeed! Choose 1 or 2 days

Miniature Wallhangings

I like to spend a small portion of the class demonstrating some basic drafting skills so the students are able to miniaturize their favorite full-sized patterns. Fabric selection is discussed, along with individual help given for each student's workshop choices. Templates are available for everyone to use. Visual aids are used in order to accommodate all learning styles. Truly heirlooms in the making! Choose 1 or 2 days

"A Miniature Sampling of History"

The class format is the same as for the above workshops. This class can be geared for the student who enjoys working in a group setting, but on an independent project. Based on the concept of the 4-inch blocks in the charming Sarah's Medallion, a mini-sampler quilt will be designed from an array of four-inch block patterns provided for the students and which have been miniaturized from the antique quilts. The sampler will be planned and begun under teacher supervision, but designed by each student. A booklet of settings and sashings is included, along with templates to be used in class (they are available for purchase, if desired). Basic skills will be first reviewed and then everyone will explore and create! It's a lot of fun! Choose 1 or 2 days.
The sample project shown can also be made, if the students do not want to design their own.

"A Medley of Miniatures"

The class format is the same as for the above workshops. Based on Froncie's book, A Medley of Miniatures, these 3-inch blocks can coordinate with the adorable 3-inch Posey Packets® to create a myriad of sweet quilts. Choose your own blocks from the book or make the same ones as Froncie's. Basic skills will be first reviewed and then the creating begins! Careful, these little blocks are addicting! Choose 1 or 2 days.

Workshop Fee Schedule
1/2 day workshop - $280
1 day workshop - $450
1 1/2 day workshop - $575
2 day workshop - $750
plus expenses